Clinical Applications

Incorporated within Xograph Healthcare’s technical services and support deaprtment is a team of dedicated Clinical Applications Specialists consisting of very experienced Diagnostic Radiographers.

The Clinical Applications Specialist will impart their knowledge and experience to train equipment users, following a pre-agreed schedule with the appropriate person with the equipment/service purchaser.

All disciplines encompassing the requirement for and utilisation of diagnostic X-ray imaging are covered such as:

Clinical applications training is provided as a continuous pathway through the duration of the agreement.

Initial Equipment Demonstration 
Clinical applications training support will be provided at site for equipment demonstrations during part or entire trialling period (if required). Pre-clinical use and during clinical procedures.

Applications support can also be provided to assist during site visits to other hospitals regarding fixed equipment.

All specialists can offer advice appropriate with the organisation’s requirements, the needs of the patient being paramount.

Equipment Installation
Our team of Clinical Applications Specialists can provide guidance / advice regarding appropriate work flow suggestions to optimise equipment usage. Equipment programming where required will be performed accordingly in liaison with the department’s requirements to benefit patients and users alike.

Commissioning Phase
Clinical Applications Specialists will provide training, ideally prior to throughput of clinical patients and  aim to provide support during initial clinical use of equipment. Application support is ongoing and further visits to provide support can be arranged and organised accordingly.

All clinical applications training, during post installation will be documented and a Certificate of Training will follow in due course.  This certificate is only distributed upon fulfilment of all criteria within the training agenda and signed accordingly, after appropriate training has been received.

The training time required is subject to a number of factors such as the equipment type, model, programming required and amount of users to be trained.

Clinical Applications

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