The Visbion Image Safe securely stores up to 6 months of PACS images so you can access them where and when you need them.

Secure Your Imaging Service.

Visbion Image Safe makes a perfect partner to your PACS system by securing your images so that you can use them when and where you want them.

This portable pre-packaged  independent back-up and viewing solution is essential for a more secure and efficient way of storing and protecting your images.  Self-contained and dependable, this convenient system enables you to store over 6 months worth of images and forwards exams back to PACS quickly and easily once connectivity is restored.

Image Safe can use existing workstations and includes advanced functionality, such as MIP and MPR, as well as diagnostic quality review, all from within a standard web browser.

Image Safe - Making sure your image data is safe and secure.  You could save on escalating maintenance charges, offering you a cost-effective solution when protecting your PACS system.

Image Safe provides you with peace and mind knowing that all of your images are stored safely and are easily accessible when you need them.

Overview of Image Safe

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