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The new Planmed Verity™ Extremity CT Scanner is set to revolutionise extremity CT imaging. The compact and mobile Verity™ brings 3D imaging into emergency departments, orthopaedic clinics, sports injury, and trauma centres for fast diagnoses at the point-of-care. Used for imaging the upper and lower limbs in the seated, recumbent and standing position (for weight-bearing examinations), the superior image quality of the Planmed Verity™ serves radiologists, orthopaedic surgeons and extremity specialists alike and can assist to display subtle extremity fractures at the patient’s first visit.

Click here to read about the Planmed Verity™ Extremity CT Scanner at St. Luke's Radiology in Oxford

Very Low Dose Extremity CT with Superior Image Quality

CBCT technology using a flat panel detector enables the Planmed Verity™ to use a significantly lower radiation dose, between just one fifth and as much as one tenth, when compared to extremity imaging with a conventional multi-detector CT (MDCT); with resultant image quality that is superior to MDCT units. Depending on the imaging protocol, isotropic resolution of down to 0.2 mm is available. Volumetric imaging with multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) and surface rendering provide optimum visualisation without structural overlap.

Less Missed Fractures

The Planmed Verity Extremity CT Scanner is designed to find subtle and occult fractures at the first visit to the imaging facility by giving added visibility of the subtle fracture line when compared with 2D radiographs. The system exhibits specialised functions and tools for extremity imaging that provides the optimum imaging technique.

Such Versatility from a ‘Plug-and-Play’ Device

The mobile Verity™ can be sited and set-up in any RPA approved room as no extensive room preparation or external cooling systems are required. The scanner simply plugs in to a standard 220/240 volt electrical outlet and can be connected to the PACS network using a standard Ethernet connection. When it is not required for scanning use, the mobile Verity™ can be quickly folded to a space saving position for convenient storage or for transportation to another department or establishment.

Weight-bearing CT

The Verity Extremity CT Scanner has the ability to perform examinations showing the anatomy under its natural weight-bearing load. The patient stands inside the padded gantry during image acquisition; in a matter of a few seconds the Clinician can review the image of the ankle or knee on the system’s integrated acoustic touch-screen display. The advantage of this screen over standard touch screens is that the user can operate it whilst wearing gloves, and it can be cleaned with disinfectant wipes.

Additional Information

• Optional Mobile configuration allowing CT close to the point of care
• System Control and Image Review on an integrated touch-screen LCD display
• Padded gantry for patient comfort
• Video camera and laser lights for ease of patient positioning
• Motorised gantry height adjustment
• Motorised gantry angulation from vertical to horizontal
• Fast 3D reconstruction time
• DICOM 3.0 Network connectivity
• Choice of Gantry Colours 


“The device is compact, easy to use, and offers at least the same resolution as medical CT at dose levels close to radiographs. In addition, it enables us to lighten the load in our extremely busy main CT”

“The possibility to image foot and knee under weight-bearing conditions offers interesting new avenues for research and clinical use.”

“You can position the fractured limb such that the procedure is comfortable for the patient. This saves a lot of time”.

“We are planning to do all our operated wrist and scaphoid fractures with the extremity CBCT unit. In the future, this method will be increasingly used for acute wrist and ankle traumas”.

Verity Extremity CT in action

Verity in clinical practise

Fusion Imaging and low dose extremity CT Webinar

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