Emergency and Disaster Relief Imaging

Emergency and disaster relief medicine requires skill and speed and when saving lives, every second counts.

Radiography provides often vital diagnostic information for effective treatment. Digital Radiography (‘DR’) provides instantaneous images without the need for time-consuming and inconvenient wet film processing or computed radiography digitising. However, radiography is not usually available at the incident scene but relies on transport of the patient back to a medical facility. Valuable time is lost in gaining accurate, and in many cases life-saving, diagnosis. Now by utilising the latest direct digital radiographic technology you can take medical imaging anywhere. It can be used for any emergency rescue, conflict or disaster relief.

DRGo, powered by Canon, has been designed to provide high quality diagnostic X-ray imaging in virtually any environment. The system is compact, wireless, battery-powered and easily transportable.

Even the X-ray source is battery-powered and the complete system can be carried in a backpack or transported in any vehicle or aircraft so it can reach the remotest casualty.

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