Field Deployable & Disaster Emergency Imaging

Xograph Healthcare offers an expert service working with you to design and manage your Field Deployable Imaging requirements for both public events and for disaster emergeny medical imaging. Using our vast experience in this area we will advise and recommend the best solution from our established product portfolio or work with you to design a bespoke solution to meet your digital radiography (DR) and fluoroscopy requirements.

We can supply imaging systems such as portable and mobile Direct Digital Radiography Systems, portable and mobile fluoroscopy systems and mobile extremity CT for almost any environment or situation such as:

• Field Hospitals
• Sporting Events
• Music Festivals
• Outdoor Events
• Humanitarian programmes
• Disaster & Rescue Emergency Medicine
• Forensics
• Archaeology
• GP Practices
• Road-Ambulance
• Air-Ambulance
• Radiography in the community
• Radiography in high security locations
• Cruise Liners and other ocean going vessels

See our Portable Imaging page for more information and read our Case Study.


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