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Find out more about Planmeca Romexis 2D and 3D Dental Imaging Software at Xograph, and see why it's ideal for viewing dental images in clinics and hospitals.

Planmeca Romexis is the software of choice for viewing and processing 2D and 3D images acquired with all the digital Planmeca X-ray units Xograph supplies. All patient images – intraoral, panoramic, cephalometric, 3D imaging and dental tomography, as well as intraoral video and still camera imaging - are displayed in a single interface. Romexis is advanced, easy to use software providing a rich set of tools to meet imaging and clinic management requirements of any dental facility from a small clinic to a large hospital. It is also more than imaging software; it completely integrates digital imaging with patient management, dental units and other systems at the hospital or the clinic.

Improving Diagnostic Value

With a complete set of tools for image viewing, enhancement, measurement, drawing and annotations, Romexis improves the diagnostic value of radiographs. Printing, image import and export, and DICOM functionalities are also included; media storage, storage,query/retrieve, worklist and storage commitment.

Maximum Usability

Planmeca Romexis integrates toa variety of third party equipment through industry standard TWAIN interface and communicates via the DICOM standard. It is a Java based software and compatible with Windows and MacOS operating systems: as all Planmeca X-ray units are fully compatible with both systems, the user may acquire, view, process and store images in one system.

Studies can be transferred to PACS or to a high quality DICOM printer in the network. Once the image has been accepted, it is also automatically stored in the image database. For quick remote diagnostics, images can be sent to iPhone and iPad with one click.

Comprehensive 3D Imaging Software

Romexis is a comprehensive software solution for acquisition, viewing and processing 3D images. The images acquired with ProMax 3D series can be freely navigated and re-sliced in real time. Powerful tools allow measuring along any plane in 3D space and measurements can be easily re-called for viewing. The images can be viewed from different projections allowing accurate diagnosis: use panoramic projections, cross sectional and axial slices as well as nerve canal tracing for detailed visualisation and processing of images.

DICOM functions supported by Romexis:

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