Welcome to our Brand New Identity

As Xograph Healthcare moves towards our 50th Anniversary year in 2017, what better time than to introduce a fresh, new identity - and here it is:

Our new Xograph identity comprises a graphic symbol, the company name and a strapline. The strapline is a short, memorable phrase that describes what we do and reminds of the wealth of medical imaging expertise within the company.

The graphic element is a dynamic grid of 'particles' that symbolise X-ray photons. Amongst these particles is the letter 'X', which stands for both Xograph and for X-ray. The 'X' in our symbol appears as an image within an image - a visual metaphor for the way that medical imaging reveals information that is otherwise hidden from view. The symbol, name and strapline are underpinned by a distinctive colour palette of blue and graphite grey - colours that are associated with professionalism, trustworthiness, security, calmness and healing.

Our new brand identity is modern and distinctive and portrays an image of our professionalism and expertise, 
and acts as visual shorthand to indicate who we are, what we do and what we stand for.

We hope you like our new identity as much as we do. Look out for the logo on new marketing  materials and media as we move into 2017 - start by requesting your free 2017 / 18 Wall Planner,  and of course on our products as the latest Xograph diagnostic imaging innovations are installed in medical establishments throughout the UK and Ireland.

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