Delft DI

Delft DI, a Canon Medical Imaging Group Company, is based in the Netherlands and specialises in digital X-ray imaging systems incorporating Canon's world leading direct digital X-ray imaging technology to provide a wide variety of innovative solutions for radiology. It also develops advanced RIS & PACS IT solutions, With more than 80 years of experience in developing diagnostic X-ray equipment for the medical imaging market, Delft DI have built up a unique portfolio that excels in quality, reliability, economic value and ease of use for all to benefit from.

Delft DI were acquired by Canon in 2012 as part of 
Canon's strategic focus on medical imaging as an important area for growth. Products provided by Delft DI include the advanced 'Triathlon T3', the 'Intuition' and the Easy DR direct digital general radiography systems, to name but a few.

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