Part of the global phenomenon that is Canon, the medical division of Canon has been an innovator in medical applications for more than 68 years. Canon’s passion for medical technology and caring for people is seen in its primary aim: creating solutions for better healthcare. Today this tradition of innovation is continued and taken to new levels of excellence with Canon's high resolution direct digital radiogrpahy systems/

Centred around the fascination of the spectrum of light, optics and digital sensor technology, Canon has developed a range of imaging products for the healthcare specialist that require high resolution digital images in Diagnostic Radiography and Diagnostic Eye Care systems.

Xograph Healthcare distributes Canon’s CXDI range of Wireless direct Digital Radiography (DR) systems which incorporate the widest range of digital detectors for the optimum versatility. The Canon range can be integrated into one of Xograph’s many general radiography systems whether they be static, mobile or portable.

Systems presented by Xograph Healthcare are:

CXDI-701C 35x43cm Wireless detector system
CXDI-801C 27x35cm Wireless detector system
CXDI-401C 43x42cm Wireless detector system
CXDI-401C 43x42cm Fixed detector system
CXDI-50RF 35x43cm Portable Radiography & Fluoroscopy detector system

The Canon Europa Digital Radiography website can be found here:

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